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Drug Testing Today

Drug testing should not be viewed as a means to "invade" or "spy" on your child's life or activities.  Gone are the days when
you could count on your child being supervised in another parents' home as they would be in yours.  Life is hard, more
homes have both parents working to make ends meet than ever before.  At times that can produce extra time for kids to fall
prey to curiosity.  Your child may never think of drinking or using drugs in your home, but having a parent-free environment
for even a short time can induce abnormal behavior.  Throw in the overwhelming amount of peer-pressure facing kids today,
and you have a recipe for the birth of a destructive hobby.

How To Test

Testing should be looked upon as a game plan or approach to ending an addiction or preventing one.  It is inconceivable to
think that you can test a child once and deter them from ever using drugs or to get them to quit using drugs.  Testing of
children who test positive at some point can become a life long process.  We are not trying to scare you away from testing,
but look at it this way; Why is it that you do not drink and drive?  Is it because of the ill fate that may come of you in the
event of an accident? Or is it the simple fact that there is always the chance that you could be pulled over by police,
breathalyzed, and charged with a DUI? It's probably a mixture of both.  We hope that with the right tools, the thought of a
parent testing them will cross your child's mind before engaging in reckless activity just as it does yours, and the ill fate that
may become of their actions will be learned in time.  We have no-doubt that most of our children will learn to be responsible
in their decisions regarding drugs and alcohol, however, it is our duty as parents to keep them safe until that day!
Parents Corner
Welcome To The Parents Page  

Please feel free to browse all of our information as there is plenty to learn.  
From slang terms to why drug testing may be right for you, there is a vast
collection of answers available to you.

We at UriTox Medical understand what it's like to raise a child in todays world
where drugs are around every corner.  You see, we are all parents too.  We
are proud to say that our staff is 100% composed of parents.  Our Kids range
in age from newborn to grown adults.  While we understand that the majority
of our visitors will be looking for help with the familiar "teen years" of their
children's life, we also know that our responsibility as parents doesn't always
end at 18.  Not to worry, we offer testing for all ages and we'll guide you to
the right choice of testing for you.